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CEO-owner, Casper Vodsgaard


CEO – Casper Vodsgaard founded in the spring of 2018, it was time to use less time shoe lacing.

Casper has been in the sports business for over 30 years and was practically born into the business, as his father, legendary handball player Jørgen Vodsgaard, founded the famous brand Hummel in the 1970’s.

Casper is widely connected to the very best in the business, which ensures him the best qualities and prices.

Other than, Casper also owns several brands as etc.

We chose to produce these silicone laces, to save time getting out the door. It runs up to saving more than 10 hours a year on lacing your shoes. It takes less then 1 minut to put these quicklazes on 2 shoes.

We can also use them as fashion items. To match you clothes and shoe outfit.

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